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Sunday Meditation

"Time is precious" - many say that but don't really mean it.

Time is the cure for everything. Time fixes things. Time heals bones, wounds, souls and broken hearts.

Time gives us new perspectives, new dreams, new beginnings.

Time goes with us, marks our days, the rhythm of the seasons, the perpetual movement of the planets and of all the other stars.

Time helps us to understand what we want, what we deserve, what we are not willing to lose and what we do not accept.

Time helps us get to know ourselves and others.

Time inspires us, encourages us to move forward. When we have plenty, it lets us grow at our own pace. When we have very little, it teaches us to appreciate the important things.

Time gives us advice, experience, wisdom.

Time is our best friend. Time is all we really have.

Sundays give us Time. To breathe, to escape, to fly.

Let us be grateful for it.

Lady Margot

Sunday meditation

Today's sunset - 29.01.2023


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