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Outsider is a brand new column that brings together everything that can be considered different. It aims at sharing informative articles, written in collaboration with international authors, who are interested in making their voices heard, and which will be published via the substack platform on a monthly basis. Designed in newsletter format, with the aim of reaching the reader directly, thus avoiding the risk of getting stuck or lost into other channels. Outsider is born from the need to give a voice to those who do not want to conform to mass stereotypes, but also to those who choose a life out of the ordinary, to those who, despite living within the society, do not feel part of it or prefer to stay on the margin. Outsider is an alternative way of generating knowledge and moving consciousness. It is a vision, conceived from the hope of stopping being slaves to the polarized information we receive every day from media. It is a project open to anyone who wants to make their voice heard, to share their life experience, to bring attention to issues they believe are worth talking about. If you want to know more, follow us on substack and subscribe to our newsletter!

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